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Audacity - Open source software (free download) that allows you to create and edit audio files.

lame_enc.dll- This file is needed to convert the audio files created in Audacity to MP3 format. Save the file to a location on your local computer where it will be easy to locate.



How to Podcast - free podcast tutorials that will take you through the basic components of Audacity


Presentation Documents:

Presentation PowerPoint: pod_audio.ppt

Audacity Quick Reference: pod_quicksheet.doc

Handouts: handouts_lacue.doc

Project Ideas: Ideas for Digital Storytelling.doc; Digital_Storytelling_Part2.pdf


Audio Assignment:


Music Selections:
Tense Sounds from Noel Kay.mp3
Slow Piano from Quest.mp3
Creepy Techno from Aussie John.mp3
Guitar From Accoustic Ryan.mp3

      Sound Websites:

 Digitales Sounds 

 Simply The Best Sounds

PacDv Free Sound Effects 

Podsafe Audio

Music Alley 




Sound Effects:

Ideas for Sound Effects2.doc

ticking sound.mp3
single gun shot.mp3
dog growl.mp3
machine gun.mp3


Storyboard Template: storyboard.doc


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